Restoration Process


Refinishing & Restoration

Prior to starting work on any jobs we will remove the furniture and other items from your deck and place it far enough away from the deck so it doesn’t get damaged. (It’s the home owners responsibility to put removed items back on deck)

Step 1 – Apply Chemicals to the deck

Proper surface preparation is the key to any successful deck restoration project. First, all the vegetation around the deck will get saturated with water prior to applying any chemicals. This will act as a tarp for all of your plants. Then we will apply a bio-degradable chemical stripper or cleaner to soften and remove the existing failed wood stain, sealer, or mold. Depending what deck stain was last applied to the deck will depend on how strong of chemical that will be used on the deck. Film and water based stains are the hardest to remove and require the most time and material.

Step 2-Pressure washing the deck

We will use a low-pressure to remove the previous coating and any dirt on the deck. We typically use between 1,200 and 1,800 psi on the deck depending on your previous coating and how strong the chemical is used. You want to be careful that the wood is not burned. To ensure top quality we let the chemical do most of the work.

Step 3 – Apply Wood Brightener to deck

Once again we will rinse the working area prior to brightening the wood. Once the house, concrete, brick, siding, and plants are rinsed we will apply a Wood brightener that will restore the wood back to the original blond color. The wood brightener also neutralizes the chemical stripper that was used in step one.

We are usually back to stain/seal the deck 1-3 DRY days later.

Step 4 – Staining the Deck

We will apply the stain/sealer by HAND BRUSHING the complete deck making sure extreme care is given by making sure no stain gets on anything but the deck. We only apply 1 coat to the verticals. For an extra charge customers like to have 2 coats applied to the floor and tops of rails for added protection, since once coat typically looks dry on the deck flooring. The treatment or products we typically use are TWP-100 series transparent stain, Olympic Semi-Transparent deck stain, and Sikkens SRD transparent stain. You want to stay off the deck for several hours after the deck has been completed.

Purchase deck stain products from THE STAIN DEPOT

If you would like to purchase TWP, TWP 1500, Olympic, Duckback Superdeck, Penofin, Rymar, and Messmer’s stains, visit The Stain Depot for low contractor prices on all deck maintenance materials. Please call for Sikkens srd stain products.



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